The resistance of a wire varies with its length essay

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How the length of wire affects its resistance

the resistance, r, of a wire varies directly as its length and inversely as the square of its diameter. if the resistance of a wire feet long with a diameter of inches is ohms, what is the resistance of feet of the same type of wire with a diameter of inches?

A memristor (/ ˈ m ɛ m r ɪ s t ər /; a portmanteau of memory resistor) is a hypothetical non-linear passive two-terminal electrical component relating electric charge and magnetic flux was envisioned, and its name coined, in by circuit theorist Leon Chua.

According to the characterizing mathematical relations, the memristor would. How the Length of a Wire Affects Its Resistance In my physics coursework I am going to investigate the effect of the length of a wire on its resistance.

Resistance is the measure of how easy it is for current to flow through a wire.

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Current is the rate of flow of charge through a conductor, and it is measured in amps using an ammeter. Non-destructive techniques are used widely in the metal industry in order to control the quality of materials.

Eddy current testing is one of the most extensively used non-destructive techniques for inspecting electrically conductive materials at very high speeds that does not require any contact between the test piece and the sensor.

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Need essay sample on How does the length of a it varies the length of wire in the circuit. Safety. Within this investigation safety measures will have to be addressed: different wires have different resistances but also the length of the wire will affect its resistance.

I think that when there is more length of wire, the resistance will.

The resistance of a wire varies with its length essay
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