Natural agency an essay on the causal theory of action

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Natural Agency: An Essay on the Causal Theory of Action

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Natural Agency : An Essay on the Causal Theory of Action

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Immanuel Kant

Natural Agency: An Essay on the Causal Theory of Action From a moral point of view we think of ourselves as capable of responsible actions. From a scientific point of view we think of ourselves as animals whose behavior, however highly evolved, conforms to natural scientific $ Natural Agency argues that these different perspectives can be reconciled, despite the skepticism of many philosophers who have argued that "free will" is impossible under "scientific determinism." This skepticism is best overcome according to the author, by defending a causal theory of action, that is by establishing that actions are.

Donald Davidson [, essay 3] asserted that an action, in some basic sense, is something an agent does that was ‘intentional under some description,’ and many other philosophers have agreed with him that there is a conceptual tie between genuine action, on the one hand, and intention, on the other.

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Aristotelian physics

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Natural agency an essay on the causal theory of action
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