Legal structures the sole trader economics essay

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Sole proprietorship

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There are no legal restrictions affecting the establishment of a sole trader business.

The Five Types of Business Structures

Legal status In law, the sole trader and his business are considered as one, In other words, all the assets and liabilities of the business are the personal assets and liabilities of the proprietor.

A sole trader business: • is owned by one person • has unlimited liability • is regarded as a separate entity for accounting purposes • is not a legal entity in its own right.

A sole trader is a person who is the only owner of a business. The corporate legal structure is overkill for a small home business but is flexible enough for running businesses with one office and a few employees or multi-national companies.

A Comparison & Contrast of a Proprietorship, Partnership & a Corporation

Legal Structure To start a business in your own name as a sole proprietor, you only have to start operating as a business. The second type of business structure is a partnership structure and the third type of business structure is a corporation structure.

Sole Proprietorship In the sole proprietorship structure an individual owns and operates the business. The sole proprietorship structure is the easiest legal structure to engage in when starting a business. There are various options to anyone wishing to establish a business in the Northern Ireland economy in the 21st century.

This paper will discuss and assess the three legal structures; sole traders, partnerships and incorporated bodies. Thus, establishing the features, operations, advantages and.

Legal Forms of Business pape Legal Forms of Business paper When starting a business, there are several types of business forms that you can choose from such as sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, and limited liability company just to name a few.

Legal structures the sole trader economics essay
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