Exploitation of conflict minerals in the congo politics essay

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Economy of Africa

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WOA! World Population Awareness is a non-profit web publication seeking to inform people about overpopulation, unsustainability, and overconsumption; the impacts, including depletion of natural resources, water, oil, soil, fertilizers, species loss, malnutrition, poverty, displacement of people, conflict; and what can be done about it:.

Essay: Conflict minerals Armed groups in Central Africa earn millions of dollars every year by trading minerals extracted from the armed conflict regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

南信州の田舎、自然、レア情報満載。観光ポータルサイトぶらっとマップ、その名も「ぶらっぷ」。遊ぶ、食べる、見る、感じる、癒し、泊まる、買う、催しもの をテーマにレア情報をお届けします。. [fn] For more details on FARDC’s involvement in the illegal exploitation of minerals, see Crisis Group Africa Report N°, Congo: the problem of conflict minerals needs political and not technical solutions.

No technical solution will stop the trade in minerals from promoting conflict.

Exploitation of conflict minerals in the congo politics essay
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