Essays on the industrial revolution in britain pollard

Essays on the industrial revolution in Britain

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Essays on the Industrial Revolution in Britain

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Industrial Revolution

Pollard, Sidney This volume has three main themes. First, there is the concept of the Industrial Revolution and its main characteristics, and the author defends both the term and the notions behind it against attempts to play down their significance.

Essays on the Industrial Revolution in Britain: Sidney Pollard: Books - Three aspects of technology: Far from being opposite to culture, technology is an inalienable element of culture that permeates the fabric of our ways of life.

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Last, there is an emphasis on the characteristic feature of industrialisation as a regional phenomenon, and on the significance of particular regions in the entire process.

All three themes have called forth extended debate, in which these essays have played an important Sidney Pollard.

Essays on the Industrial Revolution in Britain Essays on the industrial revolution in britain pollard
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