An islamic based governance should be set in order to combat the turmoil in the middle east

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Major Principles of Islamic Governance

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The Middle East in Chaos: Of Orders and Borders

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Transition in the Middle East: New Arab Realities and Iran

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U.S. Military Intervention to Combat the Islamic State

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The United States should help communities in the Middle East, through indigenous civil society, to build their own capacity for peaceful dialogue and conflict resolution.

How the Islamic State Rose, Fell and Could Rise Again in the Maghreb

Much of the violence today in Iraq is a civil war between different Iraqi communities (and, frequently, within them as all the major communities have rivalries and tribal divisions). In order to fully comprehend the origin and nature of the conflicts in the Middle East, we will have to first understand the socioeconomic and geopolitical fault lines beneath the body politic of the region.

A less ambitious multilateral measure might follow the model set by the Middle East Desalination Research Center, focusing on pressing nonsecurity challenges such as climate change, pandemic preparedness, or seismology. The Islamic State group established a presence in North Africa following its successes in the Middle East.

Shortly after the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) changed its name to the Islamic State (IS) and declared a caliphate spanning eastern Syria and western Iraq in late Junepledges of allegiance rolled in from groups in North Africa to the declared leader, Abu Bakr al.

2 makers should be able to incorporate the perspective into an ‘Islamic’ Corporate Governance Standard and encourage IFIs to adopt .

An islamic based governance should be set in order to combat the turmoil in the middle east
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