A comparison of the beatles and oasis in the music industry

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How The Beatles Changed the world.

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Of course, The Beatles also had Sebastian Harrison on their side, but he did not get enough hours to sing to be able to showcase him as one of the more singers in the band. The Beatles and Elvis are both very good and are close together in my rankings, Michael Jackson some way behind and Oasis (heavily influenced by the Beatles) are a few pages back.

Comparing Elvis and the Beatles is very difficult. Feb 28,  · When I talk about music or pop culture, The first thing that comes up to my mind is The Beatles.

Not only because they change the music industry forever but on how much the impact they made to the world especially in Britain and the United States of America. The Beatles' influence was particularly present in the guitar-style and song arrangements of The Stone Roses, with guitarist John Squire citing them as one of his main influences.

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Get started now! Paul McCartney has spoken out about Oasis comparing themselves to The Beatles, saying that he does not think any band can live up to the comparison. In Manchester, home of Oasis, one of the city’s leading music stores was buzzing with debate about the Blur Oasis head-to-head.

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Cultural impact of the Beatles A comparison of the beatles and oasis in the music industry
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